WISL - Introduction to Doctrine - 2019-20

The aims of this module are to establish a basic overview of the key contours of Christian doctrine, and thereby deepen students’ existing knowledge, by enabling them to engage with key historical texts, recognize that doctrines have developed historically and need to be understood contextually, understand the interconnections between various doctrines, and explore how and why different groups differ over particular doctrines.

10 credits

Running  June - August 2020 (assessment by exam TBC)

WISL Old Testament Survey 2019-20

The aim of this course is to immerse students in the world of the Old Testament as Christian Scripture and begin the process of transforming their understanding of the Bible by demonstrating a range of approaches to the Old Testament in contemporary scholarship. To complement related study of Christian Scriptures and hermeneutical tools necessary for their interpretation at Level 4, and lay foundations for further study at Levels 5 and 6. 

This is a Level 4 Theology Common Core module, shared with the BA in Theology, Music and Worship, BA in Theology and Worship and the BA in Theology and Counselling.

10 credits

Running 30 September - 2 November 2019 (assessment due 10 January 2020)

WISL - Introduction to LST Online - 2019

Students on the Word International School of Leadership programme, please start here.

WISL - New Testament Survey - 2019

This is a self-paced version of New Testament Survey online, made available for LifeLong Learning.

The aim of this module is to begin the process of transforming students’ views of the Bible by demonstrating the importance of genre and historical context and, thus, the foundations of a more critically aware methodology. This foundation will serve as a basis for further modules in which these hermeneutical, exegetical, theological and applied foundations will be built upon

Running September 2019 - January 2020