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1 7 May

BA Online semester 2 deadline

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Happy Easter!

Have a restful and restorative Easter everyone.

LST Chapel

Each week we meet on Tuesdays for worship all together. We enjoy a wide range of speakers for these - see our YouTube channel for videos of past services.

Study Theology Online

Explore a full range of degree opportunities for theological education online, including BA (Hons) Theology, with no residential requirements, the MA in Integrative Theology (MAiTh) and the MA in Theological Education (MATE) (specifically for theological educators).

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If you're not interested in a full degree, why not think about studying on one of our Lifelong Learning courses? Alternatively, explore the rich possibilities of auditing our online courses for personal development.

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Contact our help team for support or advice about LSTOnline. For general questions regarding studying at LST please contact

Available courses

Key Christian Thinkers (TH4010) 2018-19

This course aims to provide students with a knowledge of key individuals in the history of Christian thought within their context, to communicate a sense of the progress of doctrine in different areas and to analyse how thinkers have built on what has gone before in historical theology.

This is a compulsory Level 4 course for all HE Cert, HE Dip and BA Hons in Theology students.

10 credits

Running 15 July - 16 August 2019 (assessment deadline 30 August 2019)

Appropriate Academic ConductSelf enrolment

If you need to be enrolled on this course the Programme Administrator will send you login details.


LST Online Taster Course

This module aims to give a taster of the format of the online courses at LST.

Running: Ongoing 

Discover LSTOnline degreesGuest access requires password

Gain further insight on the nature and content of the online delivery of a range of  LST degrees, including the HE Certificate, HE Diploma, BA Theology at undergraduate level and the MA in Integrative Theology and the MA in Theological Education at postgraduate level. 


Discover LSTOnline (FAQ)Guest access

Here you will find a general introduction to LST's virtual learning environment together with a video-tour.  You will also find a set of Frequently Asked Questions within a forum where you can also post your own questions. 


Understanding LSTOnline

This is the starting point for all students engaging with LSTOnline, regardless of the programme of study they are involved with. This mini-course not only gives you a taste of the style and format of LST's online study but it also provides you with a fundamental set of information and skills that you will need to make the best of your online study. 

This induction course is compulsory for all new BA online students and you will not be able to enrol on further modules until you have completed this induction.

This mini-course features about 12 hours of learning spread over 5 different units, that deal with a general induction overview, with how online study works, with the learning tools you will use, with assignment submission and attendance and concluding with a test.

No credits

Running 17 September - 5 October 2018

You should be enrolled on this course if you are an online or blended student. If you cannot access the course please write to


Programme-Specific Induction 2018

In addition to the general induction in the previous induction section, there are programme specific features, methodologies and regulations that you need to be familiar with. Please find the programme you have registered for in this section and read your programme-specific induction carefully.

No credits

Running 17 September - 5 October 2017

Study Skills (online)

This short course deals with the skills required to successfully engage with academic study at the in the UK higher educational context, including issues such as reading skills, writing skills, being scholarly and critique. It is specifically aimed at online students, but much material might also be useful to onsite students. Specific guidelines are also provided related to plagiarism, writing essays and format/style issues. You should plan to spend about 5 hours in this course.

No credits

Running 17 September - 5 October 2018

If you think you should be enrolled in your course but you cannot access it, please write to


Library InductionSelf enrolment

This is an induction course to using the LST Library.  The course covers both physical and online resources.

No credits.

Running 17 September - 5 October 2018
If you think you should be enrolled in this course but cannot access it please write to If you wish to enrol in this course the enrolment key is lstonline.


HelpSelf enrolment

Need help in something?  Start here.

Continually running 

If you cannot access this course please email



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