For those who wish to study at LST but cannot easily come to our campus, we offer the option of online study with experienced and talented online tutors. 

Our BA Theology modules are offered both on-campus and online, so that in all our undergraduate programmes students can choose a combination of on-campus and online modules - what we refer to as 'blended' delivery. This offers a great deal of flexibility for students to study at a distance or alongside other commitments.

Our BA Theology programme (plus HE Cert. and HE Dip.) can be taken on-campus, in blended delivery or fully online, with a wide choice of modules.

Our combined programmes BA Theology and CounsellingBA Theology, Music and Worship, and BA Theology and Worship can be studied on-campus or in blended delivery, with the Counselling and Music modules taken on-campus and the Theology modules taken online (or as a combination of on-campus and online).

BA Online modules are delivered over three semesters, from October to August, in five-week blocks, with a group of students studying together with module tutors. 

Each of our online modules parallels an on-campus module, with the same learning outcomes and assessments, but with its own specifically-created course materials. Online courses are delivered via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ‘LST Online’, and are mainly presented in written form, including readings from books and articles, but also including videos and audio clips. Students study together in cohorts and interact with each other and the tutor in forums.

Online study works well for those who are self-motivated and eager to learn, but live far away or have work, family or ministry commitments that prevent campus-based education. Those unable to obtain UK residency may also wish to pursue this study option.

Online study includes the following elements of learning:

  • Programme materials. Each module includes specially written online units, which contain both an overall narrative and embedded resources including e-books, journal articles, websites and visual media, which will help generate a rich environment for exploration and learning. These materials can be accessed through LST Online.
  • Tutor. Each module has a tutor who is an experienced expert in their field. The tutor’s job is not to ‘lecture’ in the normal sense, but to walk you through the materials and help you to understand and dig deeper. Tutors will be available through the LST Online forums to answer questions and discuss content with you.
  • Fellow students. Online students study modules at the same time, which means that there is a studying community in which students can engage with the same materials together. Participating in discussion forums is a key part of the online programme, enabling debate and processing concepts together.
  • Local context and placement. Like our onsite students, online students are encouraged to participate in ministry in a local context. BA students take placement modules as part of their studies.

Whether you enjoy being able to interact with other students, or prefer the option of studying alone, online study may be a great option for you. The opportunity to study and engage in your local situation makes online study a great way to learn new concepts and discover how to work it out practically within your context.


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