Reading weeks and assessment deadline

Reading weeks and assessment deadline

by Marvin Oxenham -
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Reading Weeks

23 January - 3 February are Reading Weeks for LSTOnline students taking undergraduate theology modules.  During this time you should catch up on any work in your online module units and discussion forums that you might have missed and, most importantly, you should be completing your assessment pieces for Semester 1.

Assessment deadline

The deadline for the submission of assessments of the following modules is February 3 at 16.00 London time.   

  • NT Survey 
  • OT Survey 
  • Introduction to Doctrine 
  • Faith in Time 
  • Spiritual Theology 1

Check the 'Assessment' instructions in each of the modules you are registered for (you can find this information usually in Unit 1 of each module).   All submission for LST students studying online will be digital so please consult the instructions in the Assessment Submission section are found in each module after Unit 10. Instructions also include a video tutorial that you are encouraged to watch, especially for the first time you do this procedure.   If necessary, go back to the study induction and review assessment procedures (Assignment submission and online exams).  If you are uncertain about procedures, please do not hesitate to email Registry

Please make sure you submit on time.  It is better to submit one day early (2 February) to allow yourself some troubleshooting should something go wrong.   Also, make allowance for time-zones as submission will close 3 February at 16.00 London time.   Remember that late submission will penalise your grade. 

Student feedback

If you have not done so, please complete the Student feedback forms for the modules you have completed.