Undergraduate modules starting 28 Nov

Undergraduate modules starting 28 Nov

by marvin oxenham -
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Three new modules are starting 28 November.

These modules are the second set in the first semester, and will be paced in a similar way to the modules you have just taken, with the difference that you have the Christmas break.  This means that, for each module, you will study two units every week for three weeks (28 Nov - 16 Dec), then you will have a break for Christmas.  You will resume in January and study two units per week for two weeks (9-20 Jan)m then will again have two reading weeks to catch up on forum discussions and prepare your assessment pieces (23 Jan - 3 Feb).

Note that 3 February, 2017 is the assessment deadline by which you must submit all assessments for all the courses you will have taken in this first semester. 

Please see your study plan and calendar to ensure which courses you are registered to take. These will appear in ‘Your Courses’ this week. If you are unsure, please write to lstonline@lst.ac.uk.