Undergraduate Reading Week(s)

Undergraduate Reading Week(s)

by Marvin Oxenham -
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To all our undergraduate students,

Congratulations on completing the taught component of the first part of Semester 1.  You have just been through 5 very intensive weeks of study in the units of your chosen modules and, as you can see in your Calendar, from 14-27 November you now have two Reading Weeks.  This session is one in which you are given time to:

  1. Complete any forum discussions that you have not completed in your modules so far. This Reading Week session represents the deadline for attendance in all the course discussion forums in the previous weeks, so make sure you participate in all the previous discussion forums in all courses you are registered for that are MONITORED FOR ATTENDANCE by 27 November.
  2. Work on your assessments.  Now is the time to go back to the assessment instructions in each of your modules and begin working on your assessment pieces.  Although you will not need to submit these until 3 February (together with the assessment pieces of the next modules you are about to take), it is very important that you use the time now to pretty much complete these assessments.  As you can see in your Calendar, on 28 November you will be involved in a new intensive session of study with new modules and you will not have time to work on these assessments until submission time.  Plan carefully, otherwise you will risk missing submission dates and failing your module. 

In summary, please do not consider these Reading Weeks as holiday time, nor as a time to quit studying.  You will study just as much in the next two weeks, but it will be personal study as you work on your essays, etc.  Your tutor will be available during this time to support you as necessary.  The Delivery Timetable for 2016-17 is again attached below for your convenience.

Please also take the time now to complete the Student Feedback forms at the end of each of your modules, as well as the  Induction and Course Start Feedback that most of you have not completed yet.