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Online BA students - assessment preparation and second set of modules

Online BA students - assessment preparation and second set of modules

by marvin oxenham -
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Students taking online BA Theology courses (blended students included) have now completed the delivery and Classroom participation in the first set of courses (either OT Survey,  Practical Placement 1, or both - depending on your study plan).  This week you should work on preparing your assessment for these modules, taking great care to follow instructions in the module and investing time in revising the Study Skills (online) and essay writing induction section.  Although the deadline for assessment is not until 22 January 2018, it is fundamental that you use this week to get well ahead on your essays as there will be very little time just before the deadline (you will be, in fact, completing another module).  Also use this week to make sure that you have participated in all the required Classroom participation forums, as failure to do so can impact your assessment. 

Next week the second part of Semester 1 begins (20 November) with the intensive online delivery of a fresh set of modules, either NT Survey, Spiritual Theology 1 or both (depending on your study plan).  These modules are now visible 'Your Courses', please make sure that you can access them.  If you have any problems, please contact  

Remember to regularly check the BA L4 timetable, your personalised study plan and the Calendar