Study Induction for all new students

Study Induction for all new students

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Induction session for all new LSTOnline students will run from 25 September - 6 October (MAiTh and MATE students will complete their Induction by 2 October).  Go now to the Study Induction

Studying online is probably a new experience for you and, in any case, you have never studied online with LST. Further, you may have never studied at undergraduate higher education level, done academic research in an online library and you surely have never studied the particular degree you have enrolled in nor have you met the people that will be part of the learning community you are joining. All this calls for a robust induction that we have provided for you in LSTOnline.

Think of it as the online version of the Fresher’s week that is held every year in September on the LST campus. We have taken the Induction Session very seriously and have allocated two weeks of study to complete this activity. During this time, you will take four short courses that will not only provide a wealth of knowledge and skills but will also allow you to become comfortable with the way LSTOnline works before having to start your actual coursework. In this way, once your modules begin, you can concentrate on the content and not on the tool.

Although there are no exact days in which you need to engage with the Induction Session, you should complete all the materials in the two weeks between 25 September and 6 October. Here is a suggested schedule and outline: 

During the Induction Session you will be tutored by Sarah Patel, our Online Education Administrator and you will get a chance to ‘meet’ the rest of the students that are studying online. You will also have discussion forums at your disposal for questions, comments and simply to get to know everyone. Although attendance is not taken and no credit or assessment are foreseen, it is highly advisable not skip or skim the Induction Session, as doing so will greatly penalise you, frustrate you, your fellow students and tutors and hinder you from getting the best out of your programme.

Go now to theStudy Induction that you can find by clicking on the All courses > General/Induction/ Study Induction (you can also click on the link directly or access each course from > Your Courses). 

Whereas for other courses you will be enrolled by LST administration, you might need to self-enrol for each of the Study Induction courses. This is a simple procedure. Click on the desired course in the Study Induction (e.g. Understanding LSTOnline) and type in the enrolment key: lstonline (case sensitive). Then click ‘Enrol me’. If you are not asked for the self-enrolment key and can access the courses it means that you have been already enrolled by LST administration.