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Second semester for online modules

Second semester for online modules

by marvin oxenham -
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The second semester for undergraduate theology modules begins 6 February, and features two sets of modules (see attached diagram):

  1. The first set, including NT Texts, Introduction to Theology and Global Christianity will run 6 February - 24 March with two reading weeks at the end.  
  2. The second set of modules, including OT Texts, God and Creation, Key Thinkers and Introduction to Doctrine, will run 27 March - 26 May with two reading weeks at the end and Easter holidays in the middle.   

Please check your personalised learning plans to know which modules you are registered for and check the Calendar to see dates and deadlines for each module.  If in doubt, please write to your programme administrator.  

PS - If you are receiving these notices and you are not an online student, feel free to click the 'unsubscribe' button.
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