2. Using Zoom [Students]

If your lecturer is hosting a lecture via Zoom you will be sent a link to join the online meeting. 

What do I need?

  • A link to the meeting, or the meeting code (this should be posted in the Course News area or emailed to you).
  • You'll need to have a laptop with a microphone and webcam. If you don't have these you can still join the meeting but the meeting won't be able to see or hear you - you'll only be able to text chat. 
  • Some people use a headset or hands free kit - this is useful but not essential.
  • Somewhere quiet.
  • You can also join a Zoom meeting via the mobile app - download the free Zoom app from the Android or Apple app stores.

Watch the following video to find out how to get Zoom running (don't worry it's pretty easy):

Getting started

Download the zoom client at zoom.us/download

Tips for taking part in a Zoom call or lecture:

  • You can turn your audio or video on and off by clicking on the relevant icon on the black bar at the bottom
  • Sometimes your lecturer may mute your audio - on the Participants screen you can 'raise your hand' and give other non-verbal feedback

  • You can use the Chat screen to ask questions or leave comments for the meeting host.
  • You can send private Chat messages to other meeting participants.

See more about Attendee Controls in a Meeting