Message from the Academic Dean

Message from the Academic Dean

by Marvin Oxenham -
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Dear Students,  

I am pleased to encourage you in your first weeks of theological study with LSTOnline. I am aware that many of you will be encountering the challenges of theological study and diversity for the first time. At LST there is a wide variety of theological traditions among the students. LST  is an evangelical institution that encourages engagement with a broad range of theological issues and opinions so that you have the opportunity to develop you own opinions. You can expect, then, to be reading and thinking about ideas that may be new and, perhaps, threatening. We encourage you to take every opportunity to discuss any issue you with your tutor who cares deeply about you as a person and your relationship with God.  

While we have great respect for academic freedom, all of us who teach and write your modules are committed to treat different views respectfully and fairly. We also recognize some views and issues are complex or strongly-felt. Therefore, all of us at LST are committed to express ourselves in a way that helps you process new or different or difficult ideas in a way that will allows you to develop their own ideas with integrity over time.   Be assured that each morning I am praying for you as you walk this journey of theological discovery.  

God is good!   

Graham H. Twelftree, Academic Dean

Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity