Pacing reminder for undergraduate students

Pacing reminder for undergraduate students

by marvin oxenham -
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A brief reminder to all undergraduate students of the pace that you should be keeping in these 5 weeks of intensive study in your first units.   If you are enrolled in the following courses, this is what you should be doing this week (24-29 October):

  1. Old Testament Survey - Units 5 and 6
  2. Spiritual Theology - Units 5 and 6
  3. Practical Placement - Unit 3

Do check the Calendar regularly to make sure you are on track.  Remember that if you miss forum marked for ATTENDANCE your grade risks being penalised for non attendance and you can even fail the module.  You do have two reading weeks to catch up on missed work, but do not get too far behind as you will need the time in these reading weeks to complete your assessment for these modules.  

We have noticed that some of you are lagging behind so if you have questions or problems with pacing, please let your tutor know immediately (a personal message might be best) or write to us at