BA Programmes starting

BA Programmes starting

by Marvin Oxenham -
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All good things come to an end and so the Induction Session has now finished.  Although you may not have noticed as you silently worked through the materials, LSTOnline has seen a flurry of activities  with over 24,000 actions ('events') being carried out in the last two weeks only!    So you have been a very active community.

Even better things are about to start and next week (10 October) as the BA Theology modules begin. This will involve both full time and part time BA Theology students, as well as students from the BA &... programmes who are studying in blended mode (Counselling, Worship and Music & Worship). Depending on your programme, you will be starting with one, two or perhaps all of the following fantastic modules: 

  • TH4002 - Old Testament Survey
  • TH4011- Spiritual Theology 1 
  • TH4012 - Practical Placement 1

Here are a few reminders as you start next week:

  1. Carlo, our wonderful Online Education Administrator,  has been in touch with all of you and you should all know which modules you will be taking.   Please check in > Your Courses to make sure these modules appear on your page otherwise you will be 'missing class'.   If something does not look right, contact Carlo immediately at
  2. Let me remind you again that the next five weeks are going to be very intense, as you will study 2 units of each one of the modules you are enrolled for.   For full time BA Theology students, this can  mean up to 48 hours of study in each one of these 5 weeks.  But be of good heart.  After these 5 weeks you will get 2 reading week to catch up (before starting the next set of modules).  Here again is the Delivery Timetable for the Online BA Theology modules for this year that you should print this out and keep it in full view.
  3. Also remember the importante of attendance, which is recorded thorough your participation in the discussion forums in each unit (these forums are marked - THIS FORUM COUNTS FOR ATTENDANCE).  The induction you have just completed did not count for credit, so your participation in the forums was optional.  But if you miss more than two forums in a real module, your final grade will be penalised and if you miss more than four forums you risk failing the entire module.  So, make sure you participate!  


Blessings to all of you as you set out!  Your tutors, fellow students and we of the LSTOnline department are here to walk (or run) with you.