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Keeping track of discussion forums

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Keeping track of discussion forums
by marvin oxenham - Monday, 3 October 2016, 2:39 PM

It's great to see a lot of activity going on in the forums, and now that your courses are about to start next week there might be even more posting.  What is the best way not to miss stuff that is going on?  Where can you see what forum activity has happened since you last logged in?

The best place to see all new forum posts in one glance is by going to > Your Courses when you login.  Here you will immediately have quick links not only to your courses but it will also tell you where there have been new forum discussions since your last login (there are also convenient links directly to these forums).  The > Your Courses is also a great place to keep track of upcoming assignments (you can also customise this page if you wish and drag in other blocks from the Tool bar).