What courses am I enrolled for?

What courses am I enrolled for?

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When you navigate to the 'Your Courses' page, you will see the courses you have been enrolled in so far.   All students check to make sure the courses listed are those you have registered for in your programme and mode of delivery.

There are a few particular situations to note:

1.  Undergraduate Theology students

At the moment  in 'Your Courses' you will only see the first courses that you will be taking between 3 October and 27 November (the first block of Semester 1).  If you try to access other courses (e.g. New Testament Survey) in your programme from the 'All Courses' list, you will not be allowed to access yet because these courses are will not open to students until later on in the calendar year.

A few weeks before the courses are due to start, you will be enrolled in these courses as well.

2.  Undergraduate theology blended and part-time students

If you see that you are enrolled only for Old Testament Survey  (plus the induction courses and the General Forum), this is because as a blended or part-time student you have not yet told us what courses you would like to take online.  You have been sent a form to make your choices, so please complete this immediately in order to be enrolled in the correct courses before the semester begins.

3.  MAiTh Students

You have only been enrolled either to Integrative Theology or Applied Integrative Theology (depending whether you are a first or second year student).  You will be enrolled to your optional modules of choice in Spring 2017.


If you are in doubt on the courses that appear in 'Your Courses', please contact us or click 'Reply' to this news forum item.