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Undergraduate timetables: online and onsite

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Undergraduate timetables: online and onsite
by marvin oxenham - Thursday, 28 September 2017, 8:37 AM

The timetables for delivery of modules in all programmes are found in the Programme-Specific Induction sections for each programme.  For ease of reference, however, here are the undergraduate theology timetables again.  Please remember that our BA is delivered both onsite, online and in blended delivery, hence there are distinct timetables for onsite delivery (over 2 semesters with weekly lectures on the LST campus) and for online delivery (over 3 semesters with intensive blocks of online units in LSTOnline).  Please consult the timetable that is appropriate to you.  Blended students can mix and match the two timetables, but you need to agree on a Personalised Study Plan with your programme administrator so that we know in which courses to enrol you (please contact your administrator if you have not yet done this).


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