LST Online Degrees

Calendar and Pacing

All of our undergraduate programmes have a single intake, in October each year. Our on-campus modules are offered over two semesters, stretching over three terms (Autumn, Winter/Spring, Summer). Our online modules are offered over three semesters: October to January, February to May and June to August, with breaks for Christmas and Easter and reading weeks at various key points. 

Our 10-credit online modules are normally delivered intensively over five week-blocks, with two blocks per semester and reading weeks in the middle and at the end. If you are studying full-time you will study two modules concurrently (four per semester), and if you are part-time you will study one module at a time (two per semester). 

Each module - whether delivered on-campus or online - is designed to take 100 hours. So a full-time student should plan to spend about 35 hours a week studying, and a part-time student about 18 hours. This is a standard workload for university students and you need to make sure you plan carefully to make sure you have the necessary time to engage with your studies.


Our online modules are structured into units (10 units for a 10-credit module) and these are normally delivered two per week. Each unit includes forums where you can discuss the topic with your tutor and fellow students. 

The forum discussions on the course are asynchronous, so that you can complete the work in your own time, but you need to keep up week by week with the prescribed units. This helps to provide motivation as you will progress together with your cohort, and allows you to engage with your tutor and other students during the week.

Each module will have assessment pieces (typically an essay, project or an exam) and assessment deadlines at the end of the semester. 

Of course, as in any higher education system, there are allowances for extenuating circumstances which are carefully explained in your induction.

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